Temperament & Breed Traits

As with any breed of dog the Cardigan will have its own individual personality but will also have the traits that make them the breed they are.

In general the Cardigan is a happy little dog and loves nothing more than being with his people, although some still retain that aloofness with strangers, going back to when they were used to protect the farm. However once they learn a stranger means them no harm they are soon happy to welcome them. They tend to love children, although they do demand respect which children must be taught.

It is vital that you socialise a Cardi early on. As a breeder, I start this process from the time they are born with daily handling, progressing to hearing noises like the TV, hoover, doorbell etc, then trips into the garden to play and short car journeys.

I also introduce them to my adult dogs early on. Every experience your puppy has needs to be a positive one, in my experience, a Cardi never forgets, so will remember bad experiences easily.

They also need structure, if allowed they will soon rule the roost. It is very easy to let a cute puppy get away with things but, start as you mean to go on and you will be rewarded with a well balanced and happy adult dog.

Because of their history as a protector the Cardi is generally a lover of their own voice! Mine will alert me to any noise, such as cars or people outside the house but generally they do not bark for no reason. They do tend to be a ‘talkative’ breed and will often talk back to you, we often get a Woo-woo from ours!

Cardigans, despite their short legs are an active breed and although you need to be very careful whilst they are growing, once they have matured they love a good hike. Mine easily do 2 miles on a general daily walk but love the extra long weekend walks. People often think they don’t need or can’t do long walks but remember what they were bred to do - drive cattle over the rough terrain of the Welsh hills!! However, that said, once they have had their daily exercise, a Cardi will be content to slob for the rest of the day and will often be found laying on their backs with all 4 feet in the air, on their tummies ‘splooting’ or resting their head up a doorframe/chair or on your feet - See images below!!!

Cardis are very versatile and love a job to do. We have started tracking with Pyper & Fynn and they absolutely love it, as do we! Its such a thrill to see them follow a scent and find their ‘missing person’

They are very trainable and also excel at other dog sports such as Agility and Obedience.

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