Some of our show photos

Wiggle at Crufts 2012

Fynn Best AVNSC Puppy & PG3 at Norfolk & Norwich April 2014

Fynn BOB & Ebbi RBOB at Milton Keynes August 2014          

Kas (out of coat!) just before she took the Bitch CC at the CWCA CH Show in Sept 2014

The Challenge for BOB - Kas took BOS & RBIS - CWCA Ch Sept 2014

Kas & Fynn winning Best Brace at the CWCA Ch Sept 2014

Fynn Best of Breed at National Working & Pastoral Breeds Open Show Feb 2015

Taylor & Caleb at Heckington July 2015

Fynn on the table at Crufts 2015

Taylor & Caleb made it into a local Newspaper!

A good day at a local Companion show

Handling Barney ‘Russfield Ruff N’ Tuff’ to BVIS at the CWCA CH Show 2015 for my good friend Jenny Goodridge

Fynn winning Best Avnsc and Pastoral G1 at Sheringham Limit Show April 2015

Taylor was happy with her places at the CWCA CH Show Sept 2015

Fynn at the CWCA CH Show Sept 2015

Kas at the CWCA CH Show Sept 2015

Fynn winning the Group at Sheringham April 2015