Pyper is my pick puppy from the Gambling litter. She is the sweetest little girl and is always by my side. She is very tuned into me and will actively comfort me if I’m upset. She is a real Mummy’s girl

For my birthday in 2019 Andy paid for me and Pyper to go on a Mantrailing introduction. This is where your dog follows a scent to find a missing person. Pyper took to it straight away and we are looking forward to doing more with her as she really seemed to enjoy this new challenge.

I do not show Pyper much but she does have the occasional trip to the shows.

Pyper had a Best Puppy In Show win at Suffolk KA in 2016 and she gained her Stud Book Number at WPBW in 2019 by taking 2nd place in Open Bitch.

 As babies, Pyper and her brother Bertie had a photo shoot with the pet food company ‘Nature Diet’. We were  excited when they were chosen to be the faces of the Grain free puppy twin packs. We were very proud that they were chosen (even though Pyper’s ears were in the awkward stage!!) Photo’s of them on packaging below.

See Pyper’s pedigree - Here


Date of Birth - 15th October 2015